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New available: FHR.Star.500-EOSS FHR.Roll.300-PVD FHR.Line.600.V FHR.Star.300

Vacuum coating equipment

for mass production and industry

FHR.Roll product series

Sputtering, evaporation and PECVD systems for bendy foil substrates like metal webs or polymer foils
Sputtering system roll coater FHR.Roll.1600 for the deposition of TCO layers
Foil solar cells for photovoltaics Bendy electronics and sensors Flexible displays and touch panels

FHR.Line product series

Inline type coating systems with PVD (magnetron sputtering, thermal evaporation) and PECVD technology
Inline type vacuum coating system FHR.Line.1200.H for solar receiver coatings
Thin-film photovoltaics on glass Receiver tubes for solar thermals (CSP) Display glass coatings

Vacuum coating equipment

for small batch and pilot production

FHR.Boxx product series

Magnetron sputtering systems based on a special process drum concept for substrates to about 100 x 100 mm
Sputter box coater FHR.Boxx.300-PVD
Functional films for sensors Optoelectronic components Optical layers on illuminants

FHR.Star product series

Vacuum coating systems for the deposition of functional films on substrates up to 450 mm diameter
High-speed sputtering system FHR.Star.400-PVD with ring magnetron
Semiconductors and wafers MEMS, NEMS and photonics Automotive mirros and vision systems

FHR.Line product series

Inline type systems with PVD and plasma-CVD deposition on rigid substrates to about 400 x 600 mm
Magnetron sputtering system FHR.Line.540-PVD
Display glass for LCD, OLED Thin-film photovoltaics (CIGS) TCO coatings (ITO, AZO)

FHR.Roll product series

Roll-to-roll foil coater for PVD and plasma-CVD processes onto metal or polymer substrates up to 300 mm width
Roll to roll foil coating system FHR.Roll.300-PVD, consisting of a sputtering system and an evaporation system
ITO films for flexible displays Window films with heat protection Bendy solar cells onto foils

Vacuum processing equipment

for research & development and teaching

FHR.Star product series

Process equipment with modular concept for co-sputtering, co-evaporation, plasma-CVD, etching and thermal processing
Sputtering system FHR.Star.120 with 4-sources sputter module, handling unit and load lock
Microelectronics and semiconductors Organic electronics (OPV, OLED) Bionics and nanotechnology

FHR.Atom product series

Vacuum processing systems for the atomic layer deposition (ALD) and substrates up to 300 mm diameter
ALD reactor FHR.Atom.300 for the atomic layer deposition on wafer surfaces
High-k layers for semiconductors 3D coatings for microoptics Coatings on carbon nano tubes (CNT)

Sputtering targets

& Bonding service

Consumables for vacuum coating and thin-film deposition

We deliver rotatable, tubular sputtering targets up to 4,000 mm length, planar sputtering targets up to 4,000 mm length or up to 800 mm diameter. Bonding service is offered on request for all kind of sputtering targets.
FHR sputtering target, planar, rectangular for solar glass coatings
Tubular sputtering targets for the large area deposition: ITO, Mo, Al, Si ... Sputtering targets for thin-film solar cells: Cu, In, Ga, Si, AZO ... Sputtering targets for optical coatings: SiO2, TiO2 ... Target materials for semiconductors: Cu, Si, SiO2 ...

Coating services

& Sample coatings

Use our vacuum coating know-how and our production capacity

With our in-house PVD coating equipment we are able to offer sample coatings as well as coating services for small batch productions.
Sputtertarget planar, rechteckig, 2500 mm lang für die Solarglas-Beschichtung
Sputter deposition by means of inline type systems: substrates up to 600 x 400 mm PVD and PECVD coatings by means of cluster type systems: up to 200 mm diameter Sputter deposition on foil or web substrates: up to 300 mm width

Customer service

Get the technical support you need, when you need it

Benefit worldwide from technical support by our qualified service team. Get personal advice on how to minimize downtime and how to increase productivity.

Sputtertarget planar, rechteckig, 2500 mm lang für die Solarglas-Beschichtung
On-site service performed by our qualified service team Professional support by phone or via remote maintenance Original spare and wear parts from FHR

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